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Sundyota Lifecare

Sundyota Lifecare

When science meets sensitivity, a wonder is created! Welcome to Sundyota Lifecare – a world that brings to you a novel range of nutraceutical  products for wellbeing. The whole idea of Sundyota Lifecare is based on the fact that health, happiness and harmony are the natural states of all beings. Hence, any intervention that addresses an internal disharmony should be derived from nature. Our products are natural (nature derived sources), from nutraceutical origin and are backed with powerful clinical evidences. Each of our products is a promise of great efficacy with utmost safety. While we deep-dive into the scientific merits of each ingredient, we are also sensitive to specific wellbeing needs that today’s life brings forth – across age groups, genders, lifestyles and professions.

Why Sundyota Lifecare?

Not just One More, you get what’s ONE UP!

Less is More

Our products offer the best results while maintaining a minimalist approach in the compositions.

Bringing to you the best of the world!

The best is Natural

Our entire range contains nature-derived, well-researched & clinically proven ingredients.

Restoring internal harmony in a natural way!

Promising you wellbeing

We make you experience wellbeing as it is meant to be.


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Wonders of Wellbeing

As Experienced by our users!

Sundyota Lifecare is a consumer vertical of Sundyota Numandis Group of Companies – a healthcare group founded in 2003. The parent company was incepted with an intention to better human healthcare through more effective and safer therapies. Today, the group has several verticals and specializes in researching and offering highly effective, safe and clinically proven products from non-synthetic origins.

The group is globally known to offer the world’s finest and safest nature-derived therapies.

The advent of Sundyota Lifecare will help spread the goodness of such products to more people at the convenience of a click; or by just picking them off the shelf.

Sundyota Numandis’ intention is to make everyone experience the wonders of wellbeing; thereby making us move towards our purpose of our existence – Happy Humans On Healthy Earth!

The group has a distinct edge in:

  • Researching, exploring and developing nature-derived, bioactive ingredients
  • Conceptualizing latest researches in the field of probiotics, nutraceuticals and phytopharmaceuticals into value-added therapies
  • Formulating, developing and manufacturing products in own, state-of-the-art dedicated facility for probiotics and nutraceuticals
  • Having ongoing collaborative alliances with leading companies of the world, resulting into having an exclusive portfolio of over 100 globally acclaimed molecules
  • Building molecules and brands with leading companies of India as well as the world

If we aren’t offering you the best, we aren’t true to ourselves.

At Sundyota Lifecare, our endeavor is to enliven each day, through wonders of wellbeing.

We offer you a range of nature-derived, impressively effective and safe products for prevention, management and wellness. We adopt approaches that are unconventional; yet are backed by strong scientific evidence.

The ingredients we use are chosen through meticulous research. We not only research and develop several of them; but also source them from distinguished organizations of the world. Each of our ingredients is proven through numerous clinical studies; and has safety approvals from the most eminent global authorities. What’s more, our own team of scientists formulates these products; while keeping in mind our promise of unmatched efficacy and uncompromised safety. That’s how, years of research and trust is funneled into a pill that heals, a powder that prevents, or a sachet that strengthens!

Thus, with a Sundyota Lifecare product, you can rest assured of supreme quality, amazing results and utmost safety.

At Sundyota Lifecare, maintaining transparency with our patrons is amongst the top core values. As it’s your fundamental right to know what you’re consuming, we make sure nothing is hidden from you about the products. Some of the things that we clearly state and share about our products are

  • Where are the ingredient(s) sourced from
  • What are the specific indications that they’re meant for
  • Clinical data on the efficacy as claimed
  • Safety profile of the ingredients for different age groups
  • Adverse effects (if any) at specific doses (if any)

Besides above, our team of experts is always at your service; should you have any query or concern regarding any of your products.

The greatest earning for us is your trust.